Colorado residents love the sun's rays—they revel in the 300 days a year that the sun shines and brightens both work and play. The state’s citizens also believe in harnessing the free, clean energy from the sun to power homes, cars, businesses and industry. Polls show that at least four in five Coloradans want strong solar energy policies.


Solar CitiSuns


Solar CitiSuns are people who want to support the transformation to a clean energy economy.


All you have to do is signup! We’ll send you periodic newsletters to let you know how you can make your voice heard. We’ll let you know how you can be in touch and share stories with other Solar CitiSuns.


In 2013, we set a bold goal in announcing Colorado's Million Solar Roofs Campaign. We think our state can increase by ten-fold the amount of solar energy installed — to about 3 GW or the equivalent of a million solar roofs- by 2030. But to get there, we need to build more public support. We need more Solar CitiSuns willing to speak up.


We need to join forces because right now, those who like the ways things have been for 100 years have a much more powerful voice. Solar CitiSuns will allow people from around the state and from all walks of life to take common actions to encourage solar energy leadership in our state.

All you need to do is signup – and then choose how to get involved. Policies enacted at the local, state and national levels will shape the future of solar energy – and there are opportunities to make your voice heard at the Public Utilities Commission, the legislature, in local governments and in other venues.


Already, more than 20,000 Coloradans have voted with their wallets to go solar by putting PV arrays on their own homes. Thousands more have bought into community solar projects, sharing arrays in their neighborhoods. Others are proud to heat their hot water and space through solar thermal systems. And more benefit from the big projects that businesses, multi-family complexes and utilities have built.


We know hundreds of thousands more people like you want to support more solar energy so that we can all benefit. We need to become Solar CitiSuns and claim the future for our children.