Benefits of Solar to Colorado

A study by the respected Solar Foundation in 2013 found that since 2007:


  • Employees in Colorado’s solar industry earned more than $534.1 million;
  • Solar contributed a $1.42 billion to the state’s economy;
  • Solar paid state and local government tax revenues of between $34.1 million and $59.7 million;
  • Solar generated about $24.3 million in environmental benefits through avoiding emissions of pollutants tied to conventional electricity production;
  • Solar saved nearly 300 million gallons of water which would have otherwise been consumed as part of the electricity generation process.


In 2013, we launched Colorado's Million Solar Roofs campaign with the goal of increasing by ten-fold the amount of solar energy deployed in our state by 2030.


We believe this is an achievable goal– with the help of thousands of Solar CitiSuns. You can find more about the Million Solar Roofs campaign by clicking below:

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Solar energy emits no harmful air pollution and is a key way to avoid catastrophic climate change. As we like to say, Solar is the Solution.


Solar energy also gives us true energy independence and has no fuel costs. Once a system is paid for, the free energy from the sun just keeps beaming down. The costs have come down so much that solar is close to competing with the price of other forms of energy even at the front end.



We need to reflect the overwhelming support for solar energy by identifying more people willing to get involved in promoting solar, and then suggesting action.