Solar CitiSuns


Solar CitiSuns are people who want to support the transformation to a clean energy economy.

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Solar CitiSuns will tap the enthusiasm of Coloradans for solar energy. Right now, we don’t even know how many systems have been installed. That's right – there's no comprehensive list.



Solar CitiSuns will work with the state's solar installers to sign up past, present and future customers. We’ll work with individuals who want to get involved whether or not they have solar energy systems at home.



Salute-to-veteransWe'll start to create a powerful community of advocates who can raise our voices in support of a clean future for our children. We’ll increase the chances that strong policies will be enacted to keep Colorado at the forefront of solar development.



Once you sign up, here's what you will receive:


  • A beautiful Solar CitiSuns decal to display in your window to let neighbors and friends know that you support solar energy

  • Membership with like-minded fellow CitiSuns to an online community with invitations to post a photo of yourself with your solar energy system, tell others your story about going solar, and swap tips with other solar homeowners. Join us on Facebook and on social media.

  • A quarterly newsletter (three digital and one in print) keeping you informed on the latest in Colorado's solar energy scene.

  • Invitations to get more involved in driving solar energy into the mainstream of Colorado's energy mix including action alerts about legislation and invitations to solar events including educational seminars, solar parties and rallies, hand-on demonstrations of cool solar products.

  • Discounted admission to Solar Power Colorado, the region's biggest solar conference.