How it Works


Four Focus Areas for the Campaign


The Million Solar Roofs campaign will develop from the ground up around these areas:


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1) Solar Friendly Communities – This innovative program offers 12 Best Practices for local governments to consider and rewards them for enacting solar friendly policies that make it easier, faster and more affordable for their residents to go solar. An online toolkit and customized resources show the way towards streamlining permitting, inspection, zoning and other local practices in ways that make sense for individual cities and counties. A recognition program provides a way to express public thanks to community leaders who have made the effort to make it easier for their citizens to go solar.


2) Policy innovations – To reach a Million Solar Roofs, we need to remove unnecessary policy hurdles that are inhibiting the growth of solar. Germany, a cloudy northern European nation, installed more solar energy in 2010 and 2011 than the U.S. has in 30 years. Why? Because of policies that favor solar. We need to address the regulatory barriers and policy hindrances that prevent more solar energy from being installed. We need partnerships with utilities so that they see the benefits of more solar and encourage their customers to go solar. We need to educate policy makers at the national, state and local levels to see the many benefits of solar and to act accordingly. See past legislation COSEIA has supported.


3) Solar Accelerators – With numerous efforts already underway such as the 2012 Solar Thermal Roadmap, we will build on this progress and take the next steps to bring vision to reality. We will work through our annual Solar Power Colorado conference and trade show to bring the best from industry thought leaders to bear on how to expand solar markets dramatically. We will host ongoing roundtables with industry leaders to work out solutions to thorny problems. We will partner with a wide variety of regional organizations who share this vision and jointly work to make it real.


4) Public Outreach – We need to get the good news about solar energy’s potential for Colorado to millions more people. To do so, we will campaign through a variety of channels including social media and the traditional media. We will reach out to communities with events and travelling exhibits. We will encourage supporters to help us spread our educational messages. Together we will greatly broaden the awareness of why A Million Solar Roofs makes sense for Colorado. YOU CAN HELP BY SIGNING OUR ONLINE PETITION